Friday, December 3, 2010

Finding something sweet

There's "Snow" Place Like Home!
I don't know about you, but in Iowa, a good old fashioned Parade provides lots of candy...something for the sweet tooth.  Thinking of this, it makes me think of all the "Sweet" things in my life.  My family, faith, friends, my work...I love what I do, and of course my home.  I love where I live.  We are nestled out in the country, overlooking a beautiful little lake.  Our leaves are gone now and the ice has moved in, but it's home, and there is no place like it.  What a blessing to be able to design in such a wonderful place.  God is good, and He has provided so much for us.  I wanted to share one of my latest patterns...There's "Snow" Place like Home! This fun-loving snowman will warm the hearts of all who enter your home this winter season.  It measures 39" X 48" and can be purchased as either a pattern or a kit (our kits do include the pattern).  Let us know if we can send one of these adorable guys to you...He's pretty "sweet" and he'll warm your home.

Who's on the Parade route today... 

Look up Jacquelynne Steves  and Jill Finlay and see what they have to offer you (don't forget to find the special word)!!


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  1. Leanne, Your There's "Snow" Place Like Home quilt is unbelievably adorable. Thank you for sharing him and about yourself. I feel like we would be really good friends if we ever met. I really like your "Blessings" closing. :)