Friday, January 30, 2015

Feels like Spring (at least for a little bit)!

Typically right now in Iowa we would have lots of snow and freezing cold temperatures, but lately we have been spoiled with lots of sunshine and warmer weather!  I know it might not stick around long so we are appreciating it while it lasts!  With the warm weather, comes the urge to do some spring cleaning!  Having a predominately mail order business, we do not have to worry about how the shop looks most of the time, but with a class coming from a nearby University, that all had to change!  Kayt and I have been like busy little worker bees organizing and cleaning!  As daunting of a task as it seemed, by taking it one section at a time, it has not been too bad!  I am lucky that I have Kaytlyn who loves cleaning and organizing, and a husband who is eager to do whatever we ask him to do! One day Kaytlyn could tell I was a little overwhelmed about getting another shipment of fabric in because we had no place to put what did she and Ed do...they built a whole wall of shelves that known as "The Gallery"!! These two help get me excited to get things done!  With all of us working we can tackle a lot!  There is still more to do, but for now we at least have a start!  This gets us excited to continue designing more fabric and patterns!  We have lots in the works so stay tuned for sneak peaks of what we are working on!  
New pattern in the works!  Inspired by spring!