Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cherish Today!

I just spoke with a very dear friend from High School who recently lost her husband in a tragic car accident.  My heart goes out to her in so many ways.  I know we aren't to know why things happen when they do sometimes, but I do know this...in talking with her, it reminds me to "Cherish Today" what I may not have tomorrow.  I want to hug my kids, call my mom, do something nice for a stranger and tell my husband I love him.  I know that each day is a gift, but there are many days I don't think about that.  What do we take from tragic things that happen around us...learn from them and grow.  Grow closer to God, to our family and to our friends.  For I know that if my dear friend Ginny had one more day with her husband, there would be so much she would want to say to him.  Friends, live each day as if it were your last.  
Have a Wonderful Blessed Day!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

What a Joy!!

Hi Friends,
Just a quick note to say hi and to be watching for our new website.  We are launching the site next week...www.thewholecountrycaboodle.com.  We are so excited to have this almost done...it's been a lot of work, but thanks to Kaytlyn and Juli, the web director, we're almost there, and it's been a long time coming.  We hope you enjoy it!
I wanted to send a few pictures of little Toby, our grandson.  He is loving life on the boat and in grandma's shop...oh how he loves to be outside.  I pray you all have a wonderful weekend and that this little man will put a smile on your face!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Patchwork & Primitives!!

Hi Friends,
We are so excited to tell you about our new retail store...coming SOON!!!  My daughters, daughter-in-law and I are starting a small "Occasional Store" opened one weekend a month starting Labor Day Weekend.  The name..."Patchwork & Primitives."  What will we have? We will be selling The Whole Country Caboodle fabric, kits and patterns...come check them out for yourself!!  Along with this, I have to explain that my girls and I are what my husband calls "American Pickers 2."  We love to junk and we have been collecting for the past few months.  We will be selling primitive furniture, accessories, lotions and so much more.  It's our intent to provide a fun spot to come and shop, relax and simply enjoy. Below is a quick glimpse of what we have been collecting for the store.  We have been busy with a power washing, painting, and just simple fun spicing up the old treasures for you to enjoy.  Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 1-3 to come and have some fun.  Keep watching for more details to come on the blog and our new website www.thewholecountrycaboodle.com launching Monday, July 11.