Monday, October 3, 2011

AQS...Des Moines...Great to see you!!

Hi Friends,
It was great to see all of you at AQS in Des Moines, many were old friends that we caught up with, and many of you are new friends we certainly treasure.  Thanks for stopping by, Kaytlyn and I had so much fun.  We can't tell you how much we appreciate your business and your kind words.  Please keep us posted on what you like and what you are looking for.  We try to keep designing new all the time, so if there is something you want and we don't have it, let us know.  The following are pictures we took at the show, we sure pack a lot in a small space.  
Had to put a picture in of the little man...I love having him with me in the shop, but he's a little more mobile now and not so easy to keep out of things!!
Kaytlyn and I loved seeing all of you!!
Our front door shows our A "Door" A Doodle...loved having all of you take one of them home!!