Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Camp Nana

Camp Nana is great for anyone who wants to provide all the gear needed for camping in the great indoors!  This simple applique and quilt pattern guides you as you create practical and usable projects for children.  Projects made using our Clearwater Critters fabric.  Clearwater Critters will provide the backdrop for an afternoon or overnight "trip" into the wild.  Instructions are included for your camping accessories such as tent frame, tent quilt, slumber sack, and pillowcase.  Included are recipes, games and activities with instructions and photos to complete the fun!

Order yours today and let the fun begin!!

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  1. The little guy is so cute! Clearly happy with Nana's project

  2. Very cute i am a grandma too.....My little guy would love your work......Nice to see you.....ty for joining blog hop with your ideas.......happyness04431@yahoo.com