Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Parade is HERE!

Hi Friends...The Holiday Project Parade is about to begin!!!  Starting tomorrow, you can visit your favorite Henry Glass Designer's blog to get going on this amazing parade ride.  When you visit each of the blogs listed for the day, you will receive free projects from each designer.  Download the files...FREE!!!
Leave a comment on her blog and let her know how if you are enjoying the parade route.  We know you will.
How do I enter to win the grand prize? Collect the clue words from each site you visit. You must visit all 21 sites and collect all 21 clue words. At the end of the parade, visit the Henry Glass website and enter to win the grand prize giveaway.  Doesn't this sound like a lot of fun, I wish I could enter!!!
What is the grand prize? The winner will receive a prize from each and every one of the designers in addition to a fantastic prize from Henry Glass!!!   That means you will get 22 presents in the mail...Christmas will come early!!!  
When do you start...DECEMBER 1!!!
Who do I start with...Linda Lum DeBono, Heather Mulder Peterson and Mary Ellen Von Holt.
Have a wonderful time on the fantastic "Parade Route" and remember to find your clues so you can enter in the contest!

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