Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Patterns!!!

It's a beautiful day here at the Caboodle and we want to show you a few more of our newest patterns.  The Messenger (#335) was inspired by my youngest daughter, she is always sporting such cute bags I thought I should add one to her collection.  We've added a new twist to the bag, creating an interchangeable flap so you can change the look of the bag without having to construct an entire new bag.  The flaps include "Grandma's Brag Bag"  "Pocket Flap"  and "Star or Flower Applique."  It's simple to make and great to create as a gift.

Interchangeable flaps

"Happily Ever After" (#332) has a pre-printed panel included in the pattern.  It features 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13.  This is a great piece of scripture for those upcoming weddings you might have.  The pattern includes the entire alphabet so you can add whatever name you want.
Finished size of the quilt is 28" X 43".

"God's Greatest Gift" (#331) features another pre-printed panel included in the pattern.  This pattern is one that I am very partial to.  It is a prayer that I wrote for my grandson, but is appropriate for any parent or grandparent to their special child.  The prayer reads:
As I lay you down to sleep,
I pray my little one to guard and keep.
I pray that you won't grow up to fast,
For this precious time will have to last.
I pray for safety when away from me,
When riding your bike or climbing a tree.
I pray you'll know I loved you from the start,
You stole my breath and jump-started my heart.
I can't wait to teach you your ABC's,
I look forward to talking about the birds and the bees.
When I first saw your precious little face,
I prayed your life would be touched by grace.
As parent with child, each day I knew, My mind would be filled with thoughts of you.
I pray you'll know how much you are loved,
You truly are God's gift from above.

"Sister's Garden" (#329) was created by my daughters as a gift to their sister-in-law.  They wanted to show her that she was another sister in the family.  This pattern can be purchased as either a kit or a pattern.  The kit (ASQ 13) comes packaged in a tin enamel mug.  The kit includes the pattern, instructions, all of the fabrics and binding.  The only supplies you need are the batting and backing and buttons to your choice on the yo-yo flowers.  Finished size of the table topper is 25" X 25".  It's so fun and easy!!

Give us a call if we can send you any of our newest patterns...we pray you have a wonderful day!


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  1. Very very cute!!! I especially love "God's Greatest Gift"! I will be ordering this one for sure! HUGS... and stitches